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Welcome to Our Club

We Are a Board Game Cafe

We're a mixed bag of game players. Some of us have been playing board games for ages, some of us have only just begun to discover the wealth of board games out there.

Some of us prefer Euros, others are more interested in the American style, dripping with theme board games. Some of us like abstracts. Some of us just like everything. All of us like to play games and just having a good time.


I had a great time there with my friends. The guy at the bar helped us with the games we didn’t know which is a big plus for me! Very nice friendly atmosphere.Filip Simons


Board Game Library

We offer you a game range of over 500 board games! At Chit Club we have both retro and restyled versions of popular games. Find yours!

Play with Your Friends

If you want to spend your time with friends playing interesting board games Chit Club is the best choice. We have enough space for any company.

Tasty Food & Drinks

Sandwiches, hamburgers, chips and unforgettable pizza are waiting for you at Chit Club. Have fun with friends and eat, seriously, what can be better?


Our Food & Drinks

Cafe Menu

Sandwiches? Bites? Smoothies? Yup, We've Got Those.

Game Journal

5 Old Favourite Games Revived
It seems people have been playing chess and checkers for ages. So what are the reasons for games with a long history to be in great request nowadays?
Tips on How to Create a Board Game
Want to impress your friends? A homemade board game is a thing to leave everybody open-mouthed on your next game night. But before you show it, you’ll have to design it.


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